FinLit Quest – A Financial Literacy Adventure App

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FinLit Quest is an educational game aimed at improving financial literacy among its players, specifically young adults and teenagers who are beginning to navigate financial responsibilities. The game provides an interactive and accessible way for players to learn about financial management, potentially leading to better personal financial decisions and an overall improvement in financial literacy.

What is it?

FinLit Quest is designed to be both educational and entertaining. The app’s players learn about budgeting, saving, investing, and other financial concepts while enjoying an immersive game experience.

How does it work?

FinLit Quest uses engaging gameplay to teach important financial concepts and encourage sound financial reasoning. The app is intended for individuals of all ages who wish to improve their financial literacy. While it is suitable for a general audience, it specifically targets young adults and teenagers.

This game is intended to be graphically simple, even low-tech or retro. Sprite-based, top-down gameplay sees the character in a world that is quickly evolving through economic history. The stages of play are based on historical financial inventions that disrupted existing economic systems. Through the game, the player must master five stages of financial literacy to succeed. The stages of financial literacy as identified for FinLit Quest are:

  • Stage 1: Basics (i.e., budgeting and saving, understanding debt, basic banking)
  • Stage 2: Intermediate Knowledge (i.e., introductory investing, retirement and insurance basics, credit)
  • Stage 3: Advanced Personal Finance (i.e., advanced investing, tax planning, real estate, estate planning)
  • Stage 4: Specialized Knowledge (i.e., other investments, advanced tax strategies, risk management, advanced insurance, international finance and markets)
  • Stage 5: Mastery and Continuous Learning (i.e., economic theory and market analysis, advanced portfolio management, behavioral finance, continuing education)


  • Adaptive Difficulty System: Adjusts game difficulty based on the player’s responses and progress to maintain engagement and learning effectiveness
  • Educational Modules: Interactive lessons covering essential financial topics
  • Game Mechanics: Core gameplay elements that simulate financial decision-making

Built with

FinLit Quest is crafted using technologies such as Ruby on Rails, providing a robust and scalable foundation for the app’s development. Hosted on Heroku, the platform ensures seamless deployment and management, allowing for smooth user experiences and efficient updates.

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