Jackson Stone

Jackson Stone

About me

I am majoring in Computer Science at Texas A&M University with a focus on data science and fintech, complemented by a minor in Statistics. I am driven by a passion for understanding complex data and leveraging technological innovations to solve real-world problems, especially in finance. Outside of the classroom, I’m a full-stack developer at Frogslayer, a custom software development firm located in College Station. I work with a skilled team that enables clients to build, launch, and scale high-tech software products that create new revenue streams and sources of competitive advantage.

Additionally, I enjoy spending my free time working on smaller personal projects that keep me engaged in continuous learning. In my academics, professional work, and personal endeavors, I am driven by a desire to innovate and excel, always seeking to push the boundaries of what is possible with technology.

Texas A&M University 2025 | Computer Science

My roles in the project

Full-Stack Developer
Scrum Master

My favorite programming languages


My areas of interest

Fintech, Machine Learning/AI, Social Good, Web