Let’s build!

Teamup is a nonprofit organization that promotes project-based learning and empowers students to build technology focused on driving positive social change.

Who are we?

Teamup is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization focused on STEM Education in Computer Science and Engineering. The organization is based in Texas and is led by university faculty, K-12 educators, and mentors from industry.

What do we do?

We design and run educational programs in which students work in teams to ideate, design, and develop real-world software and hardware applications. The applications address issues affecting their communities, such as climate change, gender inequality, food insecurity, and access to quality education. Under the guidance of industry mentors, students collaborate and get hands-on experience using the latest software and engineering skills to build usable products that impact the world.

What is our mission?

The mission of Teamup is to prepare students for STEM careers while empowering them to create technology for social good.

What is our vision?

The vision of Teamup is to create a global network of innovators who collaborate, learn, and grow together, united by their shared commitment to using technology for social good.