Justin Abraham

About me

I pursued a degree in Computer Engineering and a minor in Mathematics. I have worked as an intern at Georgia Power as a distribution planning intern and have currently been working part-time as a software development intern at Intercontinental Exchange for almost 1 year. I have an expressed interest in the global world stemming from a study abroad in Singapore and am interested in topics related to finance, tech, and retail industries and their use of technology to bolster their communication processes. Upon completion of my undergraduate studies, I intend to pursue a career in software engineering and embedded systems.

Texas A&M University 2024 | Computer Engineering

My roles in the project

Software Engineer
Full-Stack Developer
Software Architect
Product Manager
Scrum Master

My favorite programming languages

Java, SQL

My areas of interest

AR/VR, Beginner Friendly, Blockchain, Cybersecurity, Databases, Design, DevOps, E-commerce/Retail, Enterprise, Fintech, Gaming, Health, IoT, Machine Learning/AI, Mobile, Productivity, Robotic Process Automation, Social Good, Web