Jada Ogueh

Jada Ogueh

About me

I am Jada Okeoghene Ogueh, a junior student at Jordan High School. I am an NCWIT Aspirations in Computing National Awardee for my work in computer science and increasing diversity in STEM, as well as a recipient of the College Board National African American Recognition Award. In my studies, I am focusing on computational thinking and programming while also furthering my knowledge of CS and AI through independent projects. My interest in computer science stems from my goal of creating an inclusive world for the Black community through technology and encouraging POC participation in STEM. I have served as an officer for the Technology Student Association for the last three years. In the future, I hope to major in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence and start a technology R&D company that embraces and empowers the ideas of underserved youth.

Jordan High School 2025 | Computer Science

My roles in the project

Software Engineer
Full-Stack Developer

My favorite programming languages


My areas of interest

Education, Machine Learning/AI, Music/Art, Social Good