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Starting up a nonprofit can be daunting, but Ally Suite makes it easy. Using Ally Suite, the user can utilize several user-friendly tools that facilitate nonprofit activities. The goal is to make social impact, community involvement, and positive change more attainable for new nonprofit organizations.

What is it?

The ImpactTrack module of Ally Suite is a comprehensive tool for recording, monitoring, and reporting various inputs (such as funds, volunteer hours, and material donations) and their outcomes, promoting a transparent and accountable approach to nonprofit management.


  • Input Tracking System: Logs various inputs like funds and volunteer hours
  • Impact Tracking: Links inputs to specific impacts quantitatively and qualitatively
  • Basic Reporting Dashboard: Provides an overview with basic filtering and sorting
  • Advanced Impact Reporting: Offers detailed analysis for in-depth reporting
  • Data Visualization: Interactive graphical representation of impact data
  • User Account Management: Secure system for data management and access

Built with

ImpactTrack is built with modern technologies such as React for the frontend, Express.js for the backend, and AWS Elastic Beanstalk for deployment and management. React ensures a responsive and dynamic user interface, while Express.js empowers the backend to facilitate robust data processing and management for comprehensive tracking and reporting. AWS Elastic Beanstalk simplifies deployment and scalability, allowing nonprofits to efficiently record, monitor, and report various inputs and outcomes. This fosters transparency and accountability in their management practices.

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