Tran Lam

Tran Lam

About me

I’m a junior majoring in Computer Science at Texas A&M University with a passion for creating and developing innovative software solutions. I have experience in web development, game development, and developing machine learning models in both team-based and individual projects across various programming languages. Coding expands my creativity: to build something out of nothing and watch it come to life is one of my most rewarding experiences. 

I am seeking an internship opportunity to gain hands-on experience in a collaborative environment that develops my technical skills while using acquired experience and passion to contribute to a company’s success.

Texas A&M University 2025 | Computer Science

My favorite programming languages


My areas of interest

Databases, Design, E-commerce/Retail, Education, Gaming, Health, Machine Learning/AI, Mobile, Music/Art, Open Ended, Productivity, Social Good, Web