Shubham Sandip Chorage

Shubham Sandip Chorage

About me

I am a graduate student at Texas A&M University, where I am pursuing a Master of Science degree in Computer Science. My academic focus includes cybersecurity, machine learning, and software engineering, and I have maintained a GPA of 3.83. My dedication to both my studies and extracurricular activities is evident in my roles as an Intramural Sports Supervisor and Official for Soccer and Basketball at the university’s Recreational Sports.

Professionally, I have gained valuable experience as a Software Engineer at Infogen Labs, where I contributed to projects such as an Image AI project and the Miko WebGL project. My work involved implementing algorithms, designing systems, and working with game engines like Unity.

I have also published research on medical diagnosis using machine learning, and emotion-based song recommendation systems in IJARIT, underscoring my commitment to contributing to the field of computer science through research and development.

In addition to my technical skills, I am an active volunteer, having contributed time as a teacher at Tara Mobile Creches, a social worker for The Satsang Foundation, and a guest lecturer for the PICT IEEE Student Branch, where I conducted technical sessions in web development for junior students.

I am an agile, meticulous, and passionate individual ready to leverage my strong organizational skills and positive attitude to help teams achieve their goals.

Texas A&M University Graduate School 2025 | Computer Science

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AR/VR, Databases, Gaming, Machine Learning/AI, Social Good, Web