Ryan Mohammadian

Ryan Mohammadian

About me

I am a third-year student at Texas A&M University’s College of Engineering, where I am pursuing a degree in Computer Science (BS). I am particularly interested in applications of software engineering in various fields and am currently working on a research project tracking lightning strikes around the Houston area. I am also very passionate about geography, hoping to one day make a change in the field through my knowledge of computer science.

Outside of academic pursuits, I am a member of the Division 1 Ultimate Frisbee team at Texas A&M and a performer in the TAMU Percussion Studio. Upon completion of my undergraduate studies, I intend on applying to graduate school to further enhance my knowledge of computer science and progress towards a career as a software engineer.

Texas A&M University 2025 | Computer Science

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Databases, Design, Gaming, Lifehacks, Mobile, Music/Art, Open Ended, Productivity