Prudhvi Kothakonda

Prudhvi Kothakonda

About me

Known as Kotda, I am a third-year student at Texas A&M University, where I am pursuing a double major in Computer Science and Mathematics. I have demonstrated technical acumen as a deployment programmer for SpaceCRAFT VR Research, where I refactored and unit tested a TypeScript project to improve its functionality. My leadership skills are showcased in my role as project manager for HousingProf, an A&M ACC housing lister initiative, where I managed a team of 12 undergraduate students. Additionally, I led an agile development team to create a robust POS system for MESS Waffles, a local brunch restaurant, utilizing a range of AWS cloud resources.

With proficiency in multiple programming languages and a solid foundation in systems programming and full stack development, I am committed to leveraging my expertise in innovative projects and research. After completing my undergraduate studies, I plan to advance my career in the tech industry, focusing on software engineering and cloud computing.

Texas A&M University 2025 | Computer Science

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Blockchain, Communication, Databases, Design, E-commerce/Retail, Education, Enterprise, Fintech, Gaming, Health, Machine Learning/AI, Music/Art, Productivity, Social Good