Prudhvi Raj Kothakonda

Prudhvi Kothakonda

About me

I am Prudhvi Raj Kothakonda, known as Kotda, a dynamic individual driven by a passion for technology and innovation. Currently, I am pursuing a double major in Computer Science and Mathematics at Texas A&M University, thriving in fast-paced environments and embracing new opportunities for growth and learning. My practical experience extends beyond the classroom, where I have contributed to various projects, demonstrating my ability to collaborate effectively within teams and deliver high-quality results. Whether it’s designing solutions, managing projects, or developing software, I approach each project with enthusiasm and a commitment to excellence.

Texas A&M University 2025 | Computer Science

App that I developed

Ally Suite – CRM Module

My roles in the project

Full-Stack Developer
Scrum Master

My favorite programming languages


My areas of interest

Design, Education, Fintech, Machine Learning/AI, Music/Art, Productivity, Web