Kieran Beirne

Kieran Beirne

About me

As a dedicated and skilled future software engineer, I have amassed an impressive array of experiences through internships at leading companies and organizations. At Tesla, I played a pivotal role in the High Performance Computing/AI Infrastructure team, where I contributed to the Self Driving and AI initiatives.

My ingenuity was instrumental in creating a supercomputer cluster monitoring pipeline, utilizing an impressive tech stack including Prometheus, Grafana, Ansible, Python, and Bazel. My time at Target as a Software Engineering Intern saw me develop a full-stack application that is now actively used in over 1,900 stores, demonstrating my ability to deliver solutions with a significant impact. My commitment to creating efficient and secure REST API endpoints and my proficiency with React.js, Express.js, and Node.js are testaments to my technical expertise and drive for excellence.

At the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT), my tenure as a DevOps Intern allowed me to orchestrate a Docker container cluster managed by Kubernetes, providing vital insights for grid operators overseeing the energy needs of 25 million Texans. My initiative to curate and lead a Python training course for engineers showcases not only my technical acumen but also my leadership and teaching abilities. Outside of my professional pursuits, I enjoy running, espresso, cooking, and reading. These diverse interests reflect a well-rounded individual who values both personal growth and professional development.

Texas A&M University 2024 | Computer Science

My roles in the project

Software Engineer
DevOps Engineer
Scrum Master

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My areas of interest

DevOps, Education, Fintech, IoT, Machine Learning/AI, Mobile, Web