Evan Oliai

Evan Oliai

About me

I am Evan Oliai, a former student of Texas A&M University, where I earned my Bachelor of Science in Computer Science with a minor in Cybersecurity. Throughout my academic journey, I have developed a profound passion for educating others such that they are able to understand and navigate the complexities of the world around them.

This commitment to the field is exemplified by my involvement in the university’s various cybersecurity initiatives, competitions, and organizations during my time at Texas A&M. As I move forward in my career, I aim to continue this passion of mine by empowering individuals and organizations to become more informed about the evolving, global landscape of their digital world and beyond.

Texas A&M University 2024 | Computer Science

My roles in the project

Test Engineer

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My areas of interest

Cybersecurity, Agriculture, Geopolitics