Aviral Agarwal

Aviral Agarwal


I am a junior at Texas A&M University, currently pursuing a degree in Computer Science. Alongside my major, I have chosen to pursue a minor in Business. I am a dedicated member of the Craig and Galen Brown Engineering Honors program, where I have had the privilege of experiencing numerous opportunities for academic and personal development.

My key proficiency lies in adaptability. Born in India, having lived in the city of London for a period, spending my formative years in New Jersey up north, and graduating high school in Texas, my multicultural upbringing has provided me with a unique perspective and the capability to seamlessly adapt to new surroundings and situations.

My primary focus in the field of Computer Science is Web Development and Product Management. After completing my undergraduate studies, I plan to pursue a Master’s in Computer Science and eventually acquire a Master of Business Administration degree.

Texas A&M University 2025 | Computer Science

My roles in the project

Software Engineer
Front-End Developer
Back-End Developer
Full-Stack Developer
Software Architect
Security Engineer
Product Manager
Project Manager

My favorite programming languages


My areas of interest

Communication, Databases, Design, DevOps, Education, IoT, Machine Learning/AI, Mobile, Web