Coding Bootcamps

TeamUp coding bootcamps teach students practical coding skills through engaging lectures, hands-on coding, and collaborative projects.


TeamUp coding bootcamps teach students practical coding skills over 8 weeks. The bootcamps target various programming languages, frameworks, and development tools, ensuring a comprehensive learning experience. Through engaging lectures, hands-on coding exercises, and collaborative projects, students gain a deep understanding of software development principles and best practices.

We are dedicated to making this opportunity accessible to as many students as possible, offering free tuition to ensure inclusivity and diversity within the program. By participating in our coding boot camp, students develop the skills necessary to excel in school and pursue rewarding careers in software development.

Target audience

  • High school students: 11th and 12th grade
  • Undergraduate students


  • Make computer science education more accessible to thousands of students.
  • Provide a focused learning experience to enable students to quickly acquire coding skills.
  • Bridge the skills gap by producing job-ready graduates.

Python Primer

Duration: 8-weeks

This immersive program is perfect for those with little to no coding experience who want to learn one of the most popular and versatile programming languages. Over the course of the bootcamp, the students are introduced to the fundamentals of Python through interactive lectures, hands-on exercises, and engaging coding projects. From understanding basic syntax and data types to building simple applications, students gain a solid foundation in Python programming.

Rust Crush

Duration: 8-weeks

This beginner-friendly bootcamp is designed to introduce students to the powerful programming language Rust. In this immersive and hands-on learning experience, students gain hands-on experience by exploring Rust’s extensive standard library and discovering the language’s robust tooling and frameworks.

Web programming

Web development

Duration: 8-weeks

This bootcamp is tailored for beginners who are eager to dive into the world of web development. Students learn the essentials of web development, from HTML and CSS fundamentals to building interactive websites and dynamic web applications.

Through hands-on projects and real-world scenarios, students gain practical experience in front-end development using popular frameworks like React or Angular. Dive into back-end development with languages such as JavaScript or Python, mastering concepts like server-side programming and database integration.